Remember that freedom?

Let’s jump, who’s first? Two heads appear on the surface and friends burst to laughter. These chill summer days are the best. Right now we are free to do whatever we want. Imagine, it’s the time of our lives! Did I tell you you’re my best friend? We are going to be brothers forever.


Fun times create tight bonds and lifetime friendships. The things you talked about, the funny stories you told to each other, the songs your sang along… We believe the best times of our lives deserve a soundtrack. What would you record on it? Wouldn’t you want that friend from your youth to hear it? What a great way to contact that person again! 


We wanted to make this possible and created Ääni Soundlocket® – a sound memory that records and playbacks your chosen message as a sound. It’s a piece of jewelry that holds your 60-second soundtrack safe and sound for at least a hundred years. Whatever the sound you want to record, it’s safe inside the locket, and you can listen to it as often as you want.

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