Remember that giggle?

It’s early, still in bed. Little fingertips tickling your arm. A tender whisper. Then another, more demanding. A tiny finger taps the tip of your nose. With eyes still closed you smile, and it triggers that endearing giggle. Is there a better way to wake up? 

As the time passes by, our beloved sound memories fade and turn to indistinct echoes, no matter how hard we try to recall them. We believe that these sounds deserve to be heard and passed on to people after us. That way they are remembered and safe forever.

Let us introduce you to Soundlocket® – the world’s first self-powered sound memory. Rather than bringing life to yet another electronic device doomed to cease to function and be disposed in a few years, we wanted to create something that lasts at least a hundred years. Something that you treasure as much for its meaning as for its appearance. 

Soundlocket® is a piece that was created to let you re-live your precious sounds and keep the memory safe for generations to come.

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