The world is filled disposable electronics and planned obsolescence. We created a technology that lasts decades and saves people's most important data without the need for electricity, a battery, charging or cloud services.

Our vision is to make the world less digital and the data more lasting and secure. Zoy designs micro electromechanical sound solutions as an alternative to the digital disposable solutions and planned obsolescence culture. We give people opportunity to save the most important in a lasting way. Our unique technology is easy to use and implement. 


"In 2016 I would have wanted to give a life advice to my firstborn son and didn't want to store that on any consumer electronics. After looking for alternatives and not finding any, I began to study whether it would be possible to make a device that can mechanically record sound or voice and would work even after a hundred years. I gathered a group of technology experts and a designer and together we developed a new kind of a device - the world’s first Soundlocket®. 

We started to develop a simple device which can save the most important moment of human life. During the development process we have realized that there are much more opportunities to use our patented technology. Our next step is to find right people with us to scale this all over the world.

Join to Zoy’s amazing story!"

Krista Kinnunen
Founder and CEO of ZOY