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We help people remember what matters to most, it’s the reason we exist. 

It was 2016 and there were around 7 349 472 000 people experiencing precious moments in the world. One of them was our current CEO and ZOY’s founder. She would have wanted to give a life instruction to her firstborn son and didn't want to store that on any consumer electronics or services that work for barely a few years. After looking for alternatives and not finding any, she began to study whether it would be possible to make a divide that can mechanically record sound or voice and would work even after a hundred years. 


She became an entrepreneur with vision to touch people’s hearts by helping them to remember what matters to most. 

The first Soundlocket® was ugly and not particularly high quality, but she had found her calling and realized that many people suffer from the same problem with no solution available. She gathered a group of technology experts and designer and together we developed a new kind of device - a jewel that stores and playbacks sound at least 100 years and produces its own energy 100%. 


At first we thought that we were selling storaging technology – but we were wrong. 

Now that time has passed we saw the bigger picture. We think that one of the most important motivation to own Ääni Soundlocket® is to remember especial moment and especial one.  And we are sure that the interactivity in Ääni Soundlocket® extends and enriches this feature even further. The main reason for our existence is emotional rather than material. We touch people’s hearts, rather than their vain urge to own. We are here to help you to remember what matters to most.