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Soundlocket works by storing the energy you provide with your muscles by turning the knob into a flywheel. This energy is then used to power the Soundlocket to either store or play the message. 

There is never a need to charge the Soundlocket. There is no battery of any kind inside the device.

You can record up to a 60 second message into the Soundlocket. 

No. To keep the Soundlocket simple to use and to assure it is usable without separate instructions, even after decades, you can only record one message. 

No. Your message is stored securely for decades as long as you don’t record over it.

No. The Sounlocket has not been designed to be submergible. It is splash-resistant. 

The Soundlocket is designed to operate in room temperature. Do not attempt to use it in extreme temperatures. Temporarily storing the Soundlocket in hot or cold environment will not harm the Soundlocket. After this kind of exposure make sure you wait the Soundlocket temperature has stabilized to room temperature before using it.

Yes it does. Electrical module is under the front cover. There is speaker, microphone, audio amplifier, 2 different processors and flash memories inside. 

You need Soundlocket  to record the most important moment in life or a message when it is planned to be preserve to generations to come. In addition, the device can possibly also be used for identification, sending an emergency signal or, for example, unlocking a protection or lock. 

Diameter 40mm, width 10mm. The size is alike mens wristwatch and the weight is the same as five 2€ coins. 

You can listen yo the record when ever you want and as many times as you want. 

Mechanical means that the device is mechanically energized. You produce the energy to the device by yourself by using your hands. There is no battery of any kind inside the device.

Technology weight about 42,5g (approximately five 2€ coins) Total weight of Soundlocket depends about cover materials. 

You can wind the Soundlocket from the knob by your hands. The device will output a signal when it has enough power. The Soundlocket starts recording automatically.

There is no battery of any kind inside the device.

The Soundlocket is build to last. When you take good care of it, it may be with you generations. 

Yes, the Soundlocket should be maintenance and repair regularly by a watchmaker.

Multiple memories are built into the device to ensure that the audio recording is preserved even if the main memory breaks down.

A unique design can be built into the device. The only limitation of the design is the technology frameworks. 

Yes it is. The first design shows the machine but in the future there might be some designs where the mahchine is covered. 

No you don’t. You can decide whether or not to seal the record. 

The recording can be overwritten as long as the seal is stored. You can record as many times as you want on the device. Each new recording erases the previous recording.