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Ääni Soundlocket®

Ääni Soundlocket®

Ääni Soundlocket®


We named world's first Soundlocket® to Ääni

Ääni Soundlocket® is a piece of jewelry that allows you to save a 60-second sound memory without the need for any additional devices. It's functional just as the beauty that it is – thanks to its mechanical power source. Your personal moments are captured on a special soundtrack and kept safe inside the Soundlocket® at least a hundred years. You choose what you record inside the locket, and you choose whether to keep it to yourself or gift it to someone special. You can playback and listen your the sound memory by wounding the locket’s pinion and then bringing the locket next to the ear any time you want. You can also replace it by rerecording over it any time. 

We think that unique sound memories deserve unique design. The very first Ääni Soundlocket® is designed in Finland and made of sustainable high-quality materials to hold your sound memory perfectly safe for a lifetime and beyond.

Read more about Ääni www.aanisoundlocket.com

Meet Ääni, world's first Soundlocket®

Ääni uses our own 3 years developed Soundlocket® -technology. With Ääni you can record, seal, and playback a 60-second message anytime, anywhere.

Ääni Soundlocket®
  • 100 years lifetime

    Ääni is made to last from generation to generation for at least 100 years.

  • Mechanical power

    Ääni doesn't need any external electronic devices to work. You can tune it with your own hands. 

  • Limited edition

    There are always limited editions and small series of Ääni available. 

  • Sustainability

    Every Ääni Soundlocket® is made out of sustainable materials. 

How Ääni Soundlocket® works

Ääni Soundlocket® is the first device in the world that combines beauty, sustainability and emotions, with technology.

  • TUNE

    Turn the knob to tune the Ääni Soundlocket®. It will output a signal when it has enough power to record or to play.


    Ääni Soundlocket® will output a signal when it has enough power and starts recording automatically. You can record 60-second message in it anytime, anywhere. 

  • PLAY

    Turn the knob to tune the Ääni Soundlocket®. It will output a signal when it has enough power and starts playing the recording.

  • SEAL

    Seal the recorded voice forever by pushing the knob down. If you are not satisfied with the recording do not push the knob down and re-record.