Combines ageless values and strong feeling with technology

Soundlocket® technology is three years developed and patented mechanical sound memory which can capture your precious sound memory inside.

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Store your precious moments in a lasting way

Soundlocket® technology works even after 100 years and can be implemented almost in any device.

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Just record and play

Soundlocket® is a standalone device that operates without any electronic power supply. You can record your moment anywhere, anytime.

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Beauty, sustainability and emotions. New standards for technology.

With mechanical power output, sustainable materials and timeless design Soundlocket® helps you to remember what matters the most. Whenever. Where ever. 

Technology specifications

Soundlocket® is our own 3 years developed technology. PCT patent is pending. Discover Soundlocket®’s finest features.

Ääni Soundlocket®
  • 100 years lifetime

    Soundlocket® is build to last from generation to generation for at least 100 years.

  • Mechanical power

    Soundlocket® is a standalone device that operates without any electronic power supply.

  • Record & seal

    Soundlocket® can record unlimited times one max 60-second audio. After sealing recording is no longer possible.

  • Playback

    Recorded audio can be listened unlimited times. After sealing the device has only playback mode. 

Other Features

These attributes allows us to outperform our competitors.
Unique technology

 We have patented our own unique over three years developed technology that we call Soundlocket®.

First in market

Soundlocket® is the first device in the world that combines beauty, sustainability and emotions, with technology.

Scalable business

Through licensing Soundlocket® can be power source for countless of jewelry and electronic devices all over the world.